Saya Adalah Saya :D

Saya Adalah Saya :D

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My New BB !~ :D

Assalamualaikum World .

Like I said b4 I want to improve my english languages .
Please ignore if u all smell like 'budu'
Please ignore  if ur bottle of 'budu' at home pecahss .
Becoz My Blog My Rules ..
(Spechhless) haha

Oke ignore it .
Back to my topic today .
BB . Stand for Broadband .
Today I'm so happy becoz my dad had bought to me a broadband .
It it for my daily usage as a student University .
Thanx 4 trust me and bought 1 for me .
Thanx so much . I love u my daddy .
I will use it as u told . I will never overuse it . Insyaallah .
Just trust to me . I will anggap it as my birthday present . My 2012 birthday's present .
Thanx to u .

p/s : my mum is the first that give me a birthday present for 2012 birthday . That is a flower pillow :)
Thanx to mum 2 . I LOVE BOTH OF U :)


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