Saya Adalah Saya :D

Saya Adalah Saya :D

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

10 12 10

Assalamualaikum Reader's . :')

2 YEARS 2 DAYS AGO , me had accomplish my graduation being commanders with my commander-mates from SHARK SQUAD and COBRA SQUAD in UiTM JENGKA, PAHANG. although its just 10 days we having the LIBK *stand for latihan intensif bakal komander* , but the memories were still here. IN OUR HEART. what friends and i having all the days . it's all about be a discipline people . to all my commander-mates, happy 2nd anniversary ;')

Commander-mates batch 1  :)

guys, although we had change our formasi from CIROPTERA SQUAD to SHARK SQUAD , but both are adorable to me . having memories together . having difficulties together . having fight always . but those makes we close to each others . hope our friendships will lasting forever . after finishing our diploma , please still contact each others . that's would make we close. :)

the memories make my life so fantastic ;')


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